Proton Saga EV at KLIMS

Proton Saga EV was displayed at the KLIMS last week and I believe we are looking forward for this electric vehicle to make its way to the production. It is said that this Proton Saga is using a 47kW motor mounted between the front wheels and a 15kW battery pack hidden underneath the rear boot. Kind of different from the previously seen Proton Saga EV in red was whis is said to be powered by a 125kW Brushless DC motor and a 20kWh Lithium Ion Polymer and its whole trunk space is filled with batteries.

The exterior looks very much the same as the pre-facelift version of Proton Saga. Interior dashboard and transmission looks different catering to the new EV system. Also leather seat is added. But personally, my concern is the weight of the car, as currently gas consumption of the Proton Saga is quite doubtful to be classified in the good range.

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