Proton Polo is cooking

Felt very heavy hearted to be writing about this topic, where there are talks right now between Volkswagen group and DRB Hicom to identify the Polo being rebadged in Malaysia.

At first it was the Mitsubishi Lancer GT being rebadged into Proton Inspira…… and now the Volkswagen Polo is going to be rebadged into Proton Polo ? Talk about tough luck, or should i say the cars bought by me have really got demand that the automakers decided to make this move ?

Anyways, news has it that they would rebadge the sedan version with no DSG and TSI, as they are being placed below the RM 70,000 mark. No confirmation yet as of now, as it might only happen a year or two later. This will cover the current Proton Saga’s market.

But i have to say one thing, Volkswagen is really very determined to enter the SEA market, since they had talks with Proton previously but was unsuccessful with the venture. But now the topic is changed since DRB HICOM bought over Proton, thus re-opening the doors for VW to enter again.

Guess i should buy an Audi next time and hope Proton will rebadge them ? Perfect for us consumers 🙂

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3 Responses to “ Proton Polo is cooking ”

  1. Haha.. We both have the same issue & problem. All cars bought by us have really got demand. Haha..

    I have Mitsubishi Lancer GT and I’m plan to buy polo for my wife. Already paying the booking fee. But, if this news become true, I will cancel my booking. Haha..

    I like your last statement. “Guess I should buy an Audi next time and hope Proton will rebadge them? Perfect for us” Haha.. Good luck for us 🙂

  2. bro shahzero i feel you man haha lets hope Audi will be rebadged lol !

  3. seriously…proton should not even need to hire any designer then

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