Proton PM5 Concept Car


Proton PM5 Concept Car has been in its plastic enclosure for a very long time now. It was launch in 2007 (way before Daily Torque was born), yet we still do not receive any specification and technical information about this car. I must say it is very much intimidating to own this car, even for a 2009 look. Unfortunately it is taking Proton Malaysia too long to commercialize this car.

It was said that this car could be priced around RM100,000 compared with the current Lotus car that are priced between RM300,000 to Rm400,000. It would actually be a very affordable sports car but hopefully the price will not determine the quality for having broken door handles or power window problem.

I look forward seeing Proton PM5 on the road, and hopefully it will still look great when the time comes.


proton-pm5-concept-car-4 proton-pm5-concept-car-5 proton-pm5-concept-car-3

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14 Responses to “ Proton PM5 Concept Car ”

  1. I have seen this car for quite some time and still wondering what happen to it till today.

  2. Yup, it was there since 2007. We are still waiting…..

  3. i never even know the existence of this before ! This looks pretty darn good and i really do hope it will make us proud if it comes out from the production lines !

  4. yup, this may just be a turnaround for proton if they manage to pull this off at around RM100,000

  5. 100K? I dun think so…Perdana already around that price….hehe, but if its true, why not..

  6. daniel: yup…but we have no idea if it is even going to hit the street

  7. the rear l0ok like ast0n martin v12 vanquish, my dream car! Having a PM5 means that i’d never hav t0 pay fr vanquish..hahax..

  8. Audi TT rear end…

  9. PM5… more like PMS! c;mon, we’re tired of waiting

  10. WTF!?!? Audi TT Copycat!! Front looks like Lotus…WTF laa.

  11. its just prototype mybe.. not ever been lunch.. hahaaa..
    totally body only..

  12. looks like Audi TT….

  13. rear look like aston martin. Try to make it Original. Pls escalate this to Designer

  14. looks beutiful,proton should market this model as a malaysian we are proud to have our own sport cars on the road, so when are we going to start to compete with others sport cars. shabas proton I shalute you

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