Proton Inspira

Here it comes, the new Proton Inspira ! The latest news is the price will be ranging from RM 80k-95k depending on the variant chosen. There is 1.8 Manual, 1.8 Auto and 2.0 Auto.

For this rebadge, the news is that Mitsubishi doesn’t allow any changes to be done on the engine(4B series) and ECU. Also seems that Proton have changed the suspension setup with Lotus handling, i wonder how that would feel.

Will be going to showroom when it is available, and there are 4 colors to choose; black, white, red and silver.

Personally i’d go for the 1.8 Manual, turbocharge it, and drop in an evo X bodykit, sweet !

UPDATE: Proton Inspira Price
UPDATE: Proton Inspira Launch Video

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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  1. Nice car. Way to go Proton!

  2. Great car.. Can’t wait to have one soon..

    For those who wish to be with us at the true Proton Inspira Club, do join us at:



  3. The only relevant question is – WILL THE POWER WINDOWS WORK AFTER 6 MONTHS???

    And why mark up the Lancer 100-200% (or whatever our ridiculous import tax for cars is), then make a Lancer copy, and still sell it for more expensive than if there was no tax to support a blood-sucking “national” car company???

  4. i hope it performance well better than it look??? no more defect as previous proton made…

  5. Whats the point of being proud of Proton Inspira our national car when it is a carbon copy of the Lancer Evo, That is like giving a malaysian citizenship to an immigrant… Malaysia Boleh!

  6. knapa Proton nie tk penah seda2!mampui lah proton!asyik nak copy sini copy sana!tak da identiti langsung!tengok kat kreta korea!pernah tak kito pikir ado keto lain macm kreto korea!ngak ada kan?kalo prton…memang gitu..nampak aje dah tau macm pernah nampak…rupa2nya kreto jepun mitsubihi!yng ni ape pulak Inspira!!!Inspira kepala Proton…potong saga..potong inspira…
    memang betui kato bung mokhtar…..memalukan!

  7. kepada pic
    pg mampus lah dengan kelab “potong Inspira” hisap darah rakyat malaysia!

  8. ugly face.

  9. Do you guy still remember the Satria GTi tat having similiar coorparate ??

  10. i love the body….nice inspira…hope the performance and look up for it

  11. COPYCAT!!!!!

  12. As one of the co-author of this blog, we do agree that this may be a bad move by Proton as some politician has already voice out their concern. Moreover, my good buddy who also writes for this blog drives a Mitsubishi Lancer.

    cheers people!

  13. i love proton ….. senang beli mampu bayar….pada yg tak suka so bad…….

  14. Should look at Ford Fiesta can compare the performance –9.9sec for 0-100km/h

  15. this is normal in this industry

  16. Proton is a shameful waste of national pride & money.
    Proton can only makes money when they rebadge a foreign car.
    Proton actually loses money when they make their own designed cars.
    Proton survival depends on our hard-earn ringgits being robbed to pay for car-import taxes.
    30 years ago 90% of south koreans supported the newly launched Hyundai cars because the citizens are proud and stood by their national car despite no forced car-import tax like Malaysia.
    Koreans cars are now amongst the sucessful market share globally due to its investment and hardwork in the automotive technology.
    Proton now almost 25 years on, selling cars like a car-dealership.
    How can some of you are proud of the likes of Inspira.
    No shame. Please dont put on a smiling face when you gotten robbed in your face.

  17. couldn’t agree more as what victor have said. proton should not act as they are the mitsubhisi’s car distributor. You insult us as Malaysian…the developing nation. Make our own car…please.

    On the other hand, all proton is doing now I think is trying to survive in the war of automotive industries…not to make us proud…don’t be so naive… Malaysian

  18. bangga dgn hasil kerja proton..
    jgn la kutuk melampau2..
    org x der duit nk beli jgn bising2 la..
    kite yg mampu ni rasa2 nk beli, beli jer la.. jgn dgr ckp org x da duit tuh

  19. proton & malaysian goverment are great robbers that rob and suck their own rakyat of money and blood.Selling the stupid car at so high price which we call made in malaysia car.Selling to oversea at low price but sell locally at high price. Bloody robbers.

  20. New Updated ..interior Proton Inspira..mengancam..

    atau klik pada nama ..

  21. TAHNIAH proton ….terus maju kehadapan….proton tetap nombor 1…

  22. it’s RE-BADGE people.!!!! not copycat!! cb liaooo

  23. bila proton keluar model wira ramai yang tukar lambang mitsubishi convert pulak jadi lancer , keluar model waja pun sama , skrg bila inspira keluar kau orang kata copy model mitsubishi padahal itulah yang selama nie kau orang buat…kenapa nak marah kat proton pulak.dah itu yang kau orang nak dia bagilah.jadilah rakyat malaysia yang ada kreatif pada tempatnya . mcm mana kita nak maju kalau rakyatnya pun tak suka dgn negara sendiri ….

  24. i love this car very muchh!! of coz its from mitsubishi and only those who do not now very much would be critisize obout this car.. proton very clever to have this car as their model.. gonna get 1..

  25. lol…well..Proton is ok…cuz some people cant afford import cars…so..Proton make car for not rich people… proton Satria is RM23.000 and i modified to EVO 3 engine,GT,HKS Blow off, 254KM/H

  26. well, don’t u think now we are sucking tax payer money everytime we pump up fuel( malaysian love to travel by their own vehicle), and same goes to LPG including our cooking gas and many more. i am seriuos tax payer coz my salary deducted every month to LHDN directly! hope the money goes to the right place!if u use ron 97 i salute u becoz i doesnt suck the tax anymore!

  27. When you see proton badge on any car…no resale value and low quality.

  28. disagree with anybody who only know to complaint but dont know to appreciate proton’s effort.

    at least with the new inspira, medium class people may make their dreams come true (lancer’s enthusiast) This is an effort to upgrade malaysians lifestyle.

    Come on guys, u should be proud, even its a rebadge model…who cares. its a worthbuy product and i would recommended malaysians to have one (kalau mampu).

    Who r going to support Malaysians if not Malaysians.
    Stop complaining and start supporting.

  29. at least proton not 100% copied and just change the name like so company does

  30. i Want this Car too … Don’t You?!

  31. Come on … show your mercy to your country … hi .. hi ..

  32. Saya suka PROTON INSPIRA ni…tak sabar nak beli 1..hehe…itu pendapat saya…tepuk dada tanye selera..jangan lupa tepuk poket tengok duit jugak..hehe…kalo mampu beli la BMW ker aper..bagi yg biasa2 mcm saya ni rasa2 berbaloi la kot beli proton..sekurangnya PROTON copy cat dengan izin MITSUBISHI….Peace…….

  33. Guyz,
    To those who bashes proton mercilessly out loud and thinks malaysian govt full of robbers, what do you call yourself associating in as Malaysian? Probably it is high time to “go”. The world is wide open for you to roam freely (at least if you “think” there is). Im sure Malaysia less in need of such ungratefuls.

  34. Apa lagi yag proton mau? design tak pening kuar modal, given free by mitsubishi,enjin sama, kata plak “terbaik”keluar dr proton,100% by mitsubishi,duti import naik bagai nak gila sbb nak jaga proton punya pasal tak nak bg rakyat beli kereta luar suruh beli proton, proton plak amik untung atas nama kereta rakyat la konon jual mahal nak mampus, pendek kata ciplak dan jual,proton kaya! senangnya bisnes ya.Rakyat pun leh pikir juga. Apa nak bangga, buat malu jer, ni bukan kereta malaysia, malu tul…Hilang semangat patriotik aku kali ni.

  35. buy the inspira and change the proton logo to mitsubishi to look like an orang kaya. 🙂 so simple…. but the price….i rather buy d-max.

  36. apa da nak jd gn negara kita ni,jual kereta ciplak,pastu letak harga mahal.marahkan org jual CD cetak rompak,tp negara sendiri yg tnjuk contoh cmtu..tak bangga ak tgok keta proton..

  37. ha3..mmg copy paste, tukar facelight skit jek kan???? ha3… tp enjin Proton ke??? ermmm ape2 pn… kete nie mmg npk cun… sbb evo 10 tuh mmg dah cun bile tukar jd inspira nieh pn tetap npk cun…. hope kete nie dpt dijual di UK… sbb tgk dri ciri2 nya mmg dapt memenuhi kehendak org2 UK…ye la sbb dgr crite Persona x berape nk laku kat sane, Inspira nie mungkin dpt menaikkan balik name Proton di UK, dan kalau boleh jgn la dijual ke INDONESIA….nanti akn menjatuhkan maruah PROTON dan MALAYSIA amnye… ye la isu malaysia menciplak hak dieorang pn x abish lg…. nanti x pasal2 kereta nie jd bahan gelak dieorang.. ermm, ape2 pn aku mmg minat kete nieh…. moge proton terus sukses….


  39. Tolong lah sedar wahai rakyat Malaysia..Apa yang dibanggakn sgt pasal proton inspira tuh..Mmg lah dapat izin MITSUBIHSHI..Sapa yg dpt nama??PROTON KE?? MItsubishi jugak dapat nama…Satu dunia cop Malaysia terhegeh2 nak tiru org jepun…Jangan bagi alasan lah tuk tolong org yang x mampu nak beli lancer..leh pakai Inspira..Proton tolong org yang x mampu???!!Bullshit!!! Duti import asal tak dikurangkan kalau betul2 nak tolong rakyat malaysia!! NI SEMUA DASAR PROTON NAK KAYA ngan CARA YANG LICIK dengan menjatuhkan maruah Malaysia!!! Where’s your dignity??

  40. hei kan diorang nak tolong rakyat dia punye slogan kan smart guys get it so sape yg tak suke go to hell!!

  41. Kalau tak suka Inspira, beli lain kereta la brader brader sekalian. Tak payah nak condem Proton. Bagi saya, Proton is making a good move. Gua baru sambar satu minggu lepas. Ride and Handling memang cun. Dah tested jalan Tapah -Cameron Highland naik turun. Camry pun kalah. Lancer EX pun tak handle macam ni. Tak caya? Try sendiri…

  42. Mengikut apa yg saya tahu, ianya menggunakan enjin Mitsubishi 1st model untuk 5000 keluaran pertama.

  43. Apek inspira : yeke handling bagus. bg aku lah yg bwk kereta yg dah dituned, mmg inspira nie handling fail. attck cornering x cun. speed limit lambat nk pi 200kmsj. compare dgn persona jauh beza biler bab handling. compare dgn Satria GTI/Putra/Wira 1.8l mmg x leh lawan.klu model 1.8 tak tau lah. cos i drive 2.0 punyer.

  44. inspira ni best giler..aku da test bawak 180km/j sm0oth kete b0ss aku..hehee…kete ni mmg c0py sbb pr0t0n ta0 k0rg mst ta mmpu beli ev0 0ri kn..?? ahhaa…lgp0n its same g0es t0 ev0 10..harge p0n murah..dr k0rg c0nvert2 lg mahal dr beli yg ni..klau nk lg best k0rg tggu inspira derr..:p kpade yg ngutuk2 pr0t0n 2 sedar2 la..k0rg p0n bukan bagus nk wat kete sndri kn.? s0 cerminkn diri ye..lgp0n ber0kdua aka perodua lg la COPYCAT..sume kete 1000% tiru der..haha..bumper myvi 2 p0n mmbe aku keje pr0t0n watkn design tukarkan..sian2..lau tade pr0t0n mlysia bungkus la weii…cube k0rg bygkn lau pr0t0n tade..mlysia nk dpt duit dari mane huh.? k0rg yg maki2 pr0t0n nk bg mlysi duit ke.? ta kn.? wat biaye anak bini p0n ta bnyk…d0k lease supp0rt la..bukan maki ye..nk rase susah wat kete bukak la kilang kete sndri..bru ta0 kene maki t..hahahaahahaaa…s0rie gune bhse c0mel kat cnie..hahaa..

  45. kepada sesiapa yang belum beli Inspira,

    Proton Inspira ni baguih..harga pun baguih gak. Hang tak mampu beli dok diam sajalah…(pi la angkat motor kapcai ka) Aku as a smart guys ni habaq sikit..pd aku, Inspira ni dr segi performance sangat memuaskan. Body pun sesuai dgn tahap kelajuan enjin. (2.0 & 1.8) Cuma paint sgt nipis.. kena batu sket dah terkopak. Lain2 no problem pi la angkat satu… gua nak tengok~!

  46. Korang yang beli inspira ni memang sengal…

    Kat langkawi inspira 90k
    Lancer gt baru 70k..

    Korang tgk lah proton yg so call murah tu dah sembelih korang that make car to sembelih rakyat!!

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