Proton Inspira – Price Brochure

UPDATE: Latest Proton Inspira Price (Nov 14th)

Below is the Pricing Brochure that one of my colleagues have obtained for the new Proton Inspira. Its really starting from RM 80k !

Additionally here is the product Brochure :

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

3 Responses to “ Proton Inspira – Price Brochure ”

  1. I notice that is accessories package that comes with navigator, but is not integrated. Any one know if customer can opt not to purchase the accessory?

  2. Goshdarn it…! Here we go again….a wonderful 2.0l machine without a manual option….I wonder why ‘manual’ gearboxes are so being overlooked…? OK, so auto boxes are really fine for the city, but what about those of us who are not caught in the everyday jam.?

    Used to know a sales person for Japanese cars – told me that the bean-counters envisage everyone would prefer an auto box. Great..! Where the hell did they dig up the stats..? Did they actually conduct a nationwide survey city / non-city..? These people obviously have never taken a drive in the country with the windows wound down…

    If you look at the variants, ‘manual’ version tend to sell better elsewhere other than the city…unfortunately the choices we have are those being offered.

    Anyway, if you spot a manual 2.0 version, let me know – until then I’ll stick with my stick-shift cars…

  3. Excuse me,Mr. OldCarGreek…

    Did you read through the brochure in detail, bro? It says CVT!!! Means what? There’s a pair of paddle shifters on the steering wheel and also on the GEARSTICK ITSELF!!! Don’t you get it, huh? What else do you want for the 2.0L variant? If you check the other similar competitors, they usually offer only one manual variant for entry level models, like the previous Nissan Sentra 1.5L, way back somewhere in 2002. I’m sure that nowadays, they would go for bigger market segment, which prefers AT variant rather than MT variant…

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