Proton Inspira – Pictures from Showroom

Here are some pictures that i have taken during my visit to the Proton Showroom in the weekend for you DailyTorque Readers out there !

There will be more pictures coming up in a while as i have another set of pictures from another showroom that i will post up later on.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

3 Responses to “ Proton Inspira – Pictures from Showroom ”

  1. Wow… nice bro…

  2. So, what your opinion about Lancer and Inspira?
    Which one better? Lancer or Inspira?

  3. shahzero: I think you will need to test drive both as Inspira is with Lotus handling, smaller wheels. While Lancer is totally Mitsubishi tech.

    Also consider the amount of budget you have as the price range is pretty different.

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