Proton Emas – Concept Car

Proton Emas was showcased in Geneva International Motor Show on Monday. This concept car is a joint effort of Proton, Italdesign Giugiaro and Lotus Engineering. Emas actually mean gold in Malay language. This will be the very first hybrid plug-in car by the Proton. Three variant was featured in Geneva, displaying:-

  • EMAS – A hatchback saloon with 5 doors, 4 seats.
  • EMAS Country – A hatchback saloon with 3 doors, 5 seats
  • EMAS – A hatchback saloon with 3 doors, 3+1 seats, and the shortest of the three with 3 metres in length

Emas will be powered by a 3 cylinder 1.2-litre engine developing 51 horsepower that can run on petrol, ethanol or methanol. While the electrical engine will provide a continous power of 45 kW and 75 kW peak power. This will take Emas from 0-100km/h at 14 seconds and a top speed of 170km/h.

What really capture our attention was the concept interior, the clean white design with an Apple iPhone is simply superb and futuristic looking. Despite the three great design, it is not know if this car will be brought to production in the near future.

Proton Emas video presentation.

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  1. I think its a great concept car.It has functionality,its small,stylish with a host of great designs,and will surely bring an eye to the brand from the youth.The only question would be if it’ll be too expensive for the target audience and if a possible product vehicle would be anything close to this design,not bland and boring.

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