Porsche Carrera GT Kit by Gemballa


Porsche Carrera GT Kit by Gemballa, a porches tuning specialist presenting to you Gemballa Mirage GT Matt Edition. the paintwork of matte black and blue interior is just superb on this 980 Carrera GT.

After the transformation and tunning, the result is as follows:-

670 HP / 630 NM
0–100 km/h in 3,7 sec. (Stock 3,9)
0-200 km/h in 9,7 sec. (Stock 9,9)
Vmax: >335 km/h

Gemballa-Mirage-GT-Matt_02  Gemballa-Mirage-GT-Matt_02 (1) Gemballa-Mirage-GT-Matt_03

Gemballa-Mirage-GT-Matt_04 Gemballa-Mirage-GT-Matt_05 Gemballa-Mirage-GT-Matt_06


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3 Responses to “ Porsche Carrera GT Kit by Gemballa ”

  1. This really looks like a badass Porsche man, really like this kit !

  2. yup…luxurious and sporty

  3. Can I buy the car?
    Or evil cat complete with all-purpose

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