Porsche 911 GT3 RS – Radical Stuff !


This is really one mean looking machine from Porsche and i am totally surprised by the color schemes ! I mean, as far as i remember, Porsche makes their cars look very classy and VIP style, but this looks so sporty and colorful !


One look and you know that this car means fast, seriously fast ! ¬†You get 450 horse power from the 3.8 L powerplant, slightly bigger than the GT3 which displaces 3.6L. Funny that they did not disclose the torque figures…

I would say that its really a lot of power coming from a natural aspirated engine, imagine if they turbo-charge it, oh no i don’t dare to imagine !


Just by looking at the interior, you know that Porsche is making a real mean racing machine ! With all that power from the engine, it is mated to a 6 speed manual close-ratio gearbox. At the suspension department, it uses a specially setup PASM suspension and also 19 inch wheels !!

In Europe the GT3 RS is priced around 120,000 EURO, no idea how much it would be here :p

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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