PIVOT Mega Raizin (Purple Raizin) : Worth the investment ?

I was pondering around voltage stabilizers for quite some time now. The name Pivot always comes around whenever looking for voltage stabilizers. So i stumbled upon the 2008 product lineup of Pivot, featuring this Mega Raizin which is purple in colour.

The brochure below and picture above was from www.pivotracing.com :

The good part about this voltage stabilizer is that it has an LED display on it that tells you what is the lowest voltage during engine start and later on the real voltage.

So is this really worth the investment, with the remarks being that it gives better mileage and also audio clarity.

I have checked @ Eneos, 1 Utama, they are carrying this product. The retail price is RM 390.00 without grounding cables.

Has anyone used this ? Hope to get some feedback from you guys whether you have experienced any improvements on the above mentioned.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

16 Responses to “ PIVOT Mega Raizin (Purple Raizin) : Worth the investment ? ”

  1. Oh yes..the original one works well.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I just bought a set of pivot voltage stabilizer(purple colour)/mega .
    for my son car.
    I would like to share with other members my experiences using this module.

    1.Easy installation.
    2.Performance increase while acceleration.
    3.Fuel saver for malaysian National car.(saga Blm)
    4.No light blinking(a second)while accond relay working/on.

    But please Beware there is a lot of imition set at market.
    And how to identify the genuine and imitation.
    Can you assist me.

  3. wow Mr. Azmi i’d say your the coolest dad i’ve ever known ! My dad would never ever buy me car modding stuff lol :p

    Thanks for the information !

    There is a link to the Pivot website for teaching you how to identify the imitations @ Pivotracing’s page

    I have surveyed a few places and the prices seems to be at least RM 350.00 for the voltage stabilizer alone without grounding cables.

    Hope this helps you 🙂

  4. mmg best guna pivot mega raizin ni..pikap mmg ngam! Sugei no denshimono desu ne!

  5. I just install the Pivot Mega Raizin recently. Here’s my feedback about the product.

    1. Better engine torque.
    2. Quite at Idling and even in “Driving” mode(auto car).
    3. Clean and clear audio sound re-produce.

    Overall, better performance and it give you “power” when accelerate and reason why it give better mileage might due less drag.

    Beware of the fake raizin in the market…to differentiate it, you can logon to http://pivotjp.com/imitation/imitation-raizin-e.html.

  6. dear oni san,

    can u suggest where can i get dis stuff at the lowest price?
    and is there any warranty included?


  7. can u all suggest me where can i get this orignal stuff??
    at terengganu…

  8. I just installed yesterday.. and.. hmm.. i can feel some better parts like reduce shaking, engine sound better and feel better than before. my car is kia sorento 2.5 diegel. i bought rm100! very cheap cos the shop owner say stock clearlance.. haha..

  9. baru beli semalam. rm50 + rm20 (installation) datang sekali dengan grounding cable. kedai aksesori kereta area pandan indah. also says stock clearance…dah cek kat web pivot nak tengok ori ke tak…sah ori…cuma takde warranty sebab dia kata nak clear stock…tak kisah la kot.

  10. no such thing with RM50, you will get original set. You can only compare original, side by side, as the imitation set impressively looks 98% like original. In mudah or lelong, you can easily get the imitation set with the price around RM40-RM48. Lesser than that, you have to buy in bulk.

  11. To Vehicle User,
    I have selling Genuine Pivot Mega Raizin, Pivot Spark Earth and Pivot Ignition Earth. Anyone interested, may leave message here.

    My car also got installing all the 3 Pivot Product which mention above. Result is very excellent!!!

    1.Better Acceleration.
    2.Better Throttle response.
    3.Engine Quiet,Smooth and Torque Increase.
    4.Audio Sound Improve.
    5.No light blinking while A/C system is charging.
    6.Consistant Supply Current and voltage to al electronic devices.
    7.Fuel saving up to 20%.

    All of my customer give positive feedback which mention above.

  12. Power! Installed Original Mega Raizin from Autobacs @ SGD 228. Confrim Original with 5 pts grounding cable.

    After install, throttle become lighter. Step a bit then it goes!

  13. I brought Pivot Mega Raizin from shop. It’s come together with grounding. Fully original from Japan. After install, it’s give good engine response, smooth, quiet, reduce engine jerking and stabilize all the voltage. Beside, it’s also give better sound audio towards my car. 🙂 Very worth for investment onto Pivot product.

  14. I already brought a New Pivot Mega Raizin VS. After install into my car, it’s give me good response. When accelerate, engine smooth. My AT gearbox, smooth while changing gear. My car also have sound system. I feel different. Sound clear and no interruption. Air cond more cooler while there is no drop voltage when charging. Excellent. Very worth to buy this product. I give 5 star to Pivot. 😀

  15. Im driving toyota camry. After hear a lot of positive feedback regarding the Pivot Mega VS product, i decided to buy and install into my car. Price is RM380. Some are selling not more than RM200. After compare, there is some different between ori and fake. Eventhough it’s more than 90% look like genuine from Japan. Luckily not get cheated buy other ppl.
    After install, feel my car smoother. When I press pedal, it give me quick engine accelerate response. Lighter when AC on. Smooth current. More power and good drive along the way. 😀 Very happy of the result.

  16. Recently, brought 2 set of Pivot install to my and brother cars. One Camry and one civic. Total 760 for 2 unit. Engine become lighter and smoother transmission change. Feel a lot of different. Plus, idling become stable and accelerate very responsive. 🙂

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