Perodua MyVi SXI pricetage at £6,999.00 in UK

If I do a conversion via Google, £6,999.00 equates to approximately MYR 34,400 for Perodua MyVi SXI while the same model is sold for MYR 46,912.15 in Malaysia. This is an interesting article that I found because it compares the median income and the price of the vehicle. It is said that Perodua MyVi in UK will cost only 3 months salary. While the same car cost us a whooping 17 months of our salary.

As previously compared, we did a comparison with Malaysia and US transportation cost, we are paying a lot in terms of our vehicle price. But also our local car cost us much more compare to the exported car.

While petrol price is subsidise but they are so due to our reserve and on the other hand we pay higher price for the cars that also add up on the financial interest charges on the price differences. Not to forget that Malaysia has considerably much more tolls than US.

Question is why are we paying so much in terms of transportation cost while developed nation who could afford better is paying less.

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  1. This is happened when we live in corruption country.
    Not to tease my own country, but what they did is ridiculous!
    Singapore sell their vehicles at expensive price but they do have awesome public transportation as a compensation. I don’t know what Malaysia have to sell their vehicles for expensive price.

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