Pennzoil Carpark Rally

I have been to the rally event last Sunday to find out whats new on the scene. There were lots of hardcore “Wiralutions” (Proton Wiras that had been modified to perform like the Evolution 3 which in fact a Wira has the same out look of the Evolution 3 anyways) that flocked the scene. Pennzoil sponsored this event and I would say it could be a great event if not for the rain. There were many different cars participated in this event and a few different categories like the turbo and n/a class. The track was pretty simple but complicating as it was a time attack but 2 cars having a go on each half of the track. There are people who did not finish the full 2 laps of the course and there are some who took more then 2 laps and from the feedback that I get it seems to be hard to know which lap you are on when you are thinking of the car in front of you or the car behind you. I have made a simple illustration of the map below.

I did not stay long for this event as the rain got heavier and many contestants left as they did not have a change of tires. Going through S turns and U turns with slicks or semi slicks on wet conditions are really not a good idea for car park rally. In many of these events I always am amused with the passion of some drivers that actually drives a family car on to the track. A Nissan x-trail is a car that you go for off road weekend activity but somehow I still see these cars on the car park rally scenes, which I give them a “thumbs” up for his pure passion for the sport.

In this sport I always like seeing powerful performance car having a run in the track and don’t forget the looks of the car. For instance seeing a Silvia battling a AE86, Skyline with a Lan Evo or a VW Golf with a Ford Focus. Unfortunately these cars are pretty expensive to maintain and the cars that I see now are Toyota Corollas (a hot car to own now for drifting) that lok like they just came out from the junkyard. Don’t get me wrong, I just like to see skill and looks more then just skills. On that day the 2 corollas was, I would say the best match up of the whole morning for me. Yeah the car looks pretty bad but the skills of the drivers were superb.

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When I was a little younger, I never had the interest in cars at all. Somehow it picked it up when I was in high school and oh yeah did I mention my dad and brother loves cars as well? I am more of a Japanese Car lover then any other car but don’t get me wrong I like the rest as well. Let’s just say that Jap cars are the first on my list. Drifting, racing circuits and rallying, these are the thing that I love to do but I can’t! Well let’s just say I don’t have the skills for these kind of things. So the only thing I do is occasionally drive fast on the road when I am provoked by a much slower car or in par. "All you need to see is my tail light" turboturtle

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