On Suite Sky Garage in Singapore

If you are rich and living in a country where land are scarce and not to mention parking garages attached to your home. But this developers in Singapore has came up with the idea of having your car delivered to your home right beside your living room so that you can enjoy the view of your car. They are using a biometric scan from your thumb to send your car into your living room.

Interested, this is the Hamilton Scotts apartment in Singapore and they call this En-suite Sky Porch. The price tag for this posh lifestyle is a whooping $7.5 million for a two car part while the penthouse cost $24 million.

Now I just hope that the elevator does not gets stuck or malfunction.

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  1. Nothing new, there was a condo development in Gurney Drive, Penang that had this concept more than 5 years ago. Pricing at that time was less than RM5 million per unit. Sokd out, last time I heard.

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