Number Plate of the day #1 – WAS481

In Malaysia, a special meaningful car number plate is always sought after.

It starts with the Alphabet, from 1-3 alphabet and followed by 1-9999.

Depending on the state that you are registering your car, it starts with a different alphabet, like below :

Perak           A* 
Selangor     B* 
Pahang        C* 
Kelantan     D* 
Johor           J* 
Kedah          K*
Langkawi    KV****A 
Labuan        L* 
Melaka         M* 
N Sembilan   N* 
Pulau Pinang P* 
Kuching      QA* 
Terengganu   T* 
Kuala Lumpur W*

Some car number plate is very difficult to get, as the good numbers are tendered and sold at a very expensive price. So i am compiling all the meaningful number plates for your references haha :p

First up will be from Wilayah Persekutuan, “WAS481” which means “WASABI”, the Japanese Horse radish :p The 4 represents “A” and the 8 represents “B”

But i think it will be pretty hard to look for this one, as it should be way back in maybe 80s-90s, good luck 🙂

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One Response to “ Number Plate of the day #1 – WAS481 ”

  1. WASABI, that’s a good one.

    The witty one I’ve spotted in Johor Bahru was JES115.


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