Nitrogen Gas ?


I have always wondered, whether to nitro the tires or not……

They say that the normal air pressure will leak over time, but nitrogen gas can last up to 10 times longer ! Nowadays i always check the tire pressure every month to ensure that the pressure is correct. So does this mean that i don’t have to check the pressure for 10 months ? :p

Also since our weather here nowadays are always raining, it is important that we have properly inflated tires to ensure road grip and safety.

Also sources from Michelin mentioned that an under-inflated tire by 2-3 psi can cause you reduced tire life of 13% and 2% increase in fuel consumption.

So i guess with nitrogen gas, it will help you to reduce the probability of having under-inflated tires.

I heard that normally one shot of nitrogen gas will be about RM 5.00, i am not sure is it for all 4 tires or just one. Will check it out later.

You can also get some information about nitrogen gas for tires  at

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