Nissan’s 2010 GTR beats Porsche…Again


Earlier on when the Nissan GTR debuted, i also heard that it did a better time in Nurburgring than the Porsche 911 GT2.

Now the folks at Nissan have done it again with the 2010 specification Nissan GTR.

The previous GTR ran an astonishing 7 minutes 29 secs and already beating the Porsche by a few seconds.


With the new 2010 GTR it has 5 more HP to 485HP and retuned gearbox, it did an astounding 7 minutes 27 seconds, thus stretching its dominance over Porsche.

The GTR was driven by Nissan’s Chief test drive Toshio Suzuki-san.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

3 Responses to “ Nissan’s 2010 GTR beats Porsche…Again ”

  1. I love this car, but the 250k SGD price tag…it’s a 3rm flat..*sighz*

  2. Well this car is great and beating the long time rival is something to shout about. Keep up the good work. However the GTR is still pretty new. Lets see what Porsche can cook up.

  3. Tata, Nissan aficinados and Datsun/ gtr35….
    Your idol has been seriously thrashed by latest 911 gt2rs, nurburgring time is 17min 16 sec. Bye bye forever….

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