Nissan NV2500


Proper Commercial Working Truck is what we rarely seen in Malaysia or even the neighboring countries, I am guessing that the reason is mainly due to the cost of acquiring one of these professional looking vehicles. I am pretty sure that this will be appealing for most commercial vehicle customer from countries like the North America, Europe and also in Japan where efficiency is important and cost of living is higher.

Nissan NV2500 will debut in 2010 and meanwhile I doubt that there is much similar vehicle out there that could provide such a good mobile workspace. It even has a nicer dashboard compare to my car. This NV2500 concept is measured at 8 feet tall and 6.6 feet wide and moving the passenger seat will give you enough room for an object of up to 10.5 feet long.

Notice that multi-purpose doors at the sides that make this car look superb while you are working inside your van.


nissan-nv2500-3 nissan-nv2500-5 nissan-nv2500-4

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