Nissan Intima Concept

A friend of mine forwarded me these photos of the Nissan Intima Concept. Sometimes when i look at these concept cars, sometimes i am really not too sure why are they creating concept cars in the first place.

Is it that this concept cars will really be on the road in the future ? Goodness, some of those concept car photos that i have seen are really really bizarre to me !

Take a look at this Intima, pretty radical huh i’d say :p

Says that the Intima showcases the Modern Living Concept for Interior of the car, don’t really know what that means though…

It also features the Nissan Safety Shield Concept with Around View Monitor and Distance Control Assistance System.

I’d really really be wondering when only will this kind of concept car will be on the road, another 30 years ? No idea at all !

The meter panel looks really really cool, Nissan have taken a very very classy choice of colors for the interior, sweet !

I guess the Concept cars is another way for the carmaker to showcase their innovations to the world :p

More of the pictures of the Nissan Intima Concept can be found below :

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