New Yokohoma for my Ride !

This is where i went on Saturday morning, somewhere in Old Town, Jalan Penchala (Same street as Campbell soup manufacturer.

Heard that tyre prices are going to go up end of this month, so i had to change my tires as i really have worn tires. Fyi i only ran 25,000 km and the tires are ‘eating’ inside and outside…

As you can see there is still like 50% of thread on the middle part of the tyre, but there is like just 10% left on the sides….. all 4 sides ! Its either i take too much corners, or the tyre is under-inflated….

So i decided to change all four tires since the sides are all in the warning zone….. And i decided to go for Yokohama A-Drive R1. The profile is 225/40 R18, where its more thinner than my previous Yokos and also wider a bit.

These are Made in Philippines and okay i know, i heard a lot of bad comments about these tires. But somehow i got drawn to Yokohama’s brand and i still opted for it :p

The treadwear is 300, even more than previous Advans at 280. I checked that these tires were made on the 52nd week of 2010, which is just a month old !

Took really quite some time to put on the tires, as the low profiles are really difficult to be inserted into the rims. The Senior Manager came out to make sure that the fitting is correct. So my advise for those out there with low profiles, please have a thorough check at what these guys are doing when fitting :p

Finally done alignment and i am pretty surprised that this shop actually gave me a printout of what are my camber, toe, caster readings after i have finished alignment. Thats pretty cool 🙂

I have only driven these new set of rubber for a few days and frankly speaking, in terms of tyre noise, its pretty much the same as the stock Advan tires, just sometimes some “wuuuung wuuungg” sound will appear at certain speed…. but it will vanish once you accelerate.

Will give you guys more feedback on these set of tires once they are “opened” up

p/s : one more thing, i can really “feel” that these tires the compound is harder than the stock Yokos, or maybe because i went a profile lower that it feels more hard.

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  1. Hi. I’m lancer owner too. How cost for tires? I’m planning to change my tires also (^_^)

    So, how the easy way to go this shop? I’m from sepang

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