New Toyota Wish 2010

Toyota have launched the new Wish in the Japan market not too long ago, with a new front look. It comes either 1.8 or 2.0 variant. I guess the protruding concept is also being brought over to the Wish as well, as you can see the front headlights is like coming out of the body :p

The new Wish is fitted with the new generation engine with “Valvematic” technology, i guess they renamed VVTL-i to this name, since the technology is variable valve and lift.

The interior looks great, with the triangular window at the side so that you have more view of the road.

This baby also comes with Super CVT-i transmission which gives better fuel economy. Also mentioned is that the 1.8L gives 16Km/L while the 2.0L gives 15.2Km/L. I would say these are pretty impressive figures for the MPV class.

Also available is an Eco Drive mode, i guess in this mode the ECU optimizes the alignment of the driving force with the accelerator operation to offer better fuel economy.

The 1.8L makes about 142 HP with 176 Nm of torque while the 2.0L makes out 156HP with 196Nm of torque.

Have not much idea when will this be available in Malaysia, so which would you choose, the new Wish or the Honda Stream RSZ ? :p


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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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  1. shot…taxi….so much for our saga taxi

    or shall we compare with our alphard taxi?

  2. Who can tell me how much the price of the new wish??

  3. i wish i could own a wish.. he he

  4. toyota wish 2009 already arrived in malaysia market RM158k-RM160K!!!

  5. very stylish when looking infront but on rear looking????
    it’s look like Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

  6. dah masuk malaysia..harga around RM160k

  7. UMW Toyota will not bring in this model to Malaysia due to low demand. But we always can get it from NAZA right?

  8. Just saw at Subang 15 white color….check out at their shop opposite subang parade

  9. dah masuk malaysia? i just called toyota and they said next year only 🙁

  10. nice mpv but if x dak aircond blakang x da makna laa

  11. I love it, I love it….WISH is my royal model.

  12. aku dah ada parking kat umah…power dr last mode+manual laaa..aircond tuk blakang ada khas dari org blakang sejuk gak..test pikup ngan civic 1.8….syokkkk cari bodykit seksaaaaa…uhuhuhuhh

  13. aku pun dah parking keta ni…..ambik spec paling basic-ok for 2009 rm145k compared to stream cost 157k

  14. aku pakai stream 2.0 dulu….tak pakai pun A.cond belakang -pasang depan dah rasa sampai belakang,pikir jugak masa angkat wish ni-test drive -test A.cond…ok sampai belakang ( dah beli -think positive)

  15. salam semua….aku dah pakai honda oddysey 2007 (JDM model)2 far takde problem ….Sebelum tu aku dah pki wish jugak setahun lebih…ok jugaklah…tp oddysey nie smooth lagi,selain ruangnya yg luas dan sporty… semua tip top…..I bought the recond oddysey around RM14500 OTR……kalau blh aku nak ajak peminat wish di atas dapat considered belilah jenama krta lain …tak semestinya nak beli toyota je….

  16. lg satu aku nak komen….toyota wish 2011 nie aku tengok dr belakang mcm toyota ipsum latest edition…

  17. When will toyota wish 2010in malaysia ??

  18. 1 looking for new Toyota Wish MPV at malacca area

  19. New wish on the toyota singapore website. Seems like the specifications looks kinda comprehensive.

  20. Does this come in a manual transmission???

  21. I like WISH so much…………..
    It’s one of my dream car….
    waiting for it…………..

  22. I just got it yesterday
    Yes my dream came true

  23. I dah beli keter ni, dah hampir setahun pakai. Beli kat Naza klang. memang mantap dan menjimatkan. warna merah/maroon. Puas hati pakai.Ada 2 mode, sport dan eco. Bila masuk highway change to sport, memang menabjubkan 160 pon rasa biasa jer.

  24. Ida what year your wish and how much

  25. Does anyone know what’s the second hand value for the new wish car if we were to sell it say 7 years from now? Is the depreciation rate higher or same for CBU cars?

  26. TW 1.8 2 type,x,s.New engine 7 speed,s type with sport engine increase power and fuel saving.i like the air-cond with purifying..smell good, very very satisfy!

  27. Ok gak wish baru ni,ac no problem at the back,fuel consumption like myv,power ok lah. Just remember that people bought this car for the reason of family. You don’t drive too fast with family on board. It comes wit gear shifts so overtaking is a breezy. Overall 7 out of 10 for that range.

  28. I already drive also…

  29. will 1.8 under power? shall i go for 2.0?

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