New Honda Civic 2009 Facelift – Coming Soon to Malaysia

News from the Honda sales people is that the new Civic facelift will be arriving in our shores maybe around middle of March.

The Civic Facelift receives a new front grille look making the front look a bit wider compared to previous. I think thats all for the changes at the exterior department.

For the interior only the ICE has been upgraded to support USB input and new fabric for the seats. Thats about it.

There should be no changes to the engine department, as the 2.0 is outputting 155ps while the 1.8 variant retains with 140ps.

Price wise is yet to be revealed, but i think it should be pretty much the same with the current Civic price, since the facelift did not have any major changes.

You can also see previous review about the Civic FD2 1.8L below :

Honda Civic-Part1-Exterior Impressions

Honda Civic-Part2-Interior Impressions

Honda Civic-Part3-Driving Impressions

Honda Civic – Part 4 – Fuel Consumption

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30 Responses to “ New Honda Civic 2009 Facelift – Coming Soon to Malaysia ”

  1. will be be a GPS as an option?

  2. I am not too sure about that, but i doubt it.

  3. hope new civic will be launch in these middle of year 2009……

  4. I believe there will be a slowdown of launching new car, usually our neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Thailand will get them first.

  5. singapore, thailand and jp had already launch it last year. so i hope this new civic will arrive sometime in march

  6. But i wonder how will the sales be, since the economy is slowing down like what 8dee said….

    What i heard was that the new City already had like 6000+ bookings, wonder how will the Civic be….

  7. It’s going to be launch either middle or end of March. I already booked the car..huhu

  8. Bazungga : Great to hear that ! Oh by the way could you tell us what is the interest rate right now for getting this baby ?

    Congrats again on your new “wife” !

  9. Onibokuro, thanks! The loan arranged with Maybank. I get 2.5% interest but i just put 10% downpymnt wit 9 yrs installmnt. Maybe u can get better offer with more downpaymnt and the shorter installmnt’s duration. I heard u can get better rate with Public Bank. Haf a check!

    Can’t wait for Honda to announce/launch the new face lift. The sales person said the price will be like 3-4K different from the current model. If there r any different, dont blame me guys! hahaha

  10. Bazungga, thanks for the information !

    I just saw a facelifted Civic 1.8L today ! Its Singapore number plate, dark blue in color. Yeap the front bumper and grilles have received treatment and also i noticed that the rear lights are not rounded anymore, they are octagonal in shape, wonder how it looks like when turned on 🙂

    Envy u Bazungga !

  11. Will the FD2 receive a new facelift as well?

  12. Yeap the Facelifted FD2 Civic should be arriving in Malaysia somewhere end of March.

  13. […] will be expecting our very own Honda Civic Coupe 2009 in Malaysia somewhere this month. It will also be a minor facelift that is similar to this Civic Coupe […]

  14. Latest news!!!
    the new facelift honda civic will be launch on before 19 march 2009…

  15. Honda: wow…thanks…that is 4 days away

  16. wonder the old mugen body kit can be install on the new facelift model..

  17. Emm who can answers my question..?? as a girl here so not really know about car’s stuff…by the way i like civic so much so may i know is’t only 1.8…?? got 2.0 as well…??
    May i know how mach is’t..??
    confirm launch n march..??

  18. We do not know yet about the pricing at the moment as it has not launched.. I am guessing it should be a bit more than the current Civic Pricing.

    The current Civic model for the 1.8L is priced at RM 113,800 and the 2.0L at RM 128,800.

    Will definitely post the price information of the facelift once it reaches our hands !

  19. anybody hv the picture for the new civic launch today? what is the differences?

  20. […] Previous post can be found here. […]

  21. is civic 2009 facelift audio system can use normal pendrive as music file source?

  22. faizal : there should be no USB interface even on this new facelift. As we know, there are no difference in the ICE section as compared to the previous model.

    We only know that the Honda Accord have the USB interface located inside the arm rest.

  23. From my experience, it was depend on your SA. SA have a power to allocate car for you.That why sometime you must received the car early but was informed a bit delay because they already assigned that car to other person.So be aware you must find good SA for better service.

  24. Saiful : thanks for the tip ! But sometimes i do wonder how can we know whether this SA is better or that SA is better haha, as i think its really quite tough, since every SA will tell you that they are very good and assure that they will be able to deliver the car on time :p Hope luck is on your side !

  25. From Honda made good changes in the vision of Civic and this facelift is simple, but made this car very nice.

  26. Hi all, anyone heard about honda freed ? is it will be launching by this year? what is the price? and any details info?

  27. Joe : I am not sure about Freed coming to Malaysia, will try to ask the Honda Sales for some information

  28. civic the most nice

  29. i like honda civic n accord….. thats so cool…. better than toyota like camry n altis…..

  30. i’m not a big fan o facelift models, i don’t see the point of doing these , it’s a waste of time and money when they could do new models

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