New Honda City Launched in Malaysia today !


Visited the showroom today during lunch time with my colleagues to see the all new Honda City !

We are really anticipating the look of this ride in real-life and i seriously think it looks way better than the pictures we saw on the Internet a while back !


This is the basic Spec S version and the front really looks menacing, a more “Fierce” look :p


When i saw the car in full, i was thinking to myself, “My goodness, this City looks big, almost like his brother the Civic !”


I would say kudos to the designers in Honda for remaking the behind into this !

City-Launched-8 City-Launched-9

Click below to check out the interior as well as the price !


Steering looks familiar ? Yeap if not mistaken its from big brother Civic’s :p


I am not too sure but i am guessing this head unit doesn’t let u play CDs ? only IPOD or mp3 players ? Need some confirmation about that though.


I-VTEC powers the City now and gives out 120ps !!! Sweeeeetttt !!!!!!!!!!!


Here is the pricing sheet for your reference !

All in all, this is one sweet looking City and i expect that it will be swarming the streets very very soon !

But i heard, earliest to get is like middle of February next year if you make a booking now, oh well i think its worth the wait !

City-Launched-5 City-Launched-11 City-Launched-15

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  1. “Thanks dear,
    it was really nice of you to show the glims of the all new Honda City.
    Honda has always been the car of my dreams
    as i cant afford one of these, at least felt somebody could provide me with a contract hire Honda of the kind & i would fly the machine like m riding a plan even for a day..
    again thanks a lot…:)”

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