New Honda City 2009 launched in Thailand

The New Honda City was launched in Thailand yesterday with prices ranging around 520,000-700,000 baht.  The conversion is about MYR 1.00 to 9.8 Baht currently, which translates to RM 54,000 to own a City.

The new City comes with a 1.5 Litre I-VTEC Engine, i believe it should be the same as the newly launched Honda Jazz’s engine. As far as i remember, this powerplant churns out about 120 horsepower, which i think is really really a lot for just a 1.5L engine !

On the first look, you will feel that its like a reduced size of the latest Honda Accord, as the front grille feels the same, even the headlight feels like the new Accord ! So you get the feeling of driving a mini-Accord. Some says that it looks like the Euro-Civic FCX, which i also agree with.

The rear looks much nicer than the previous City in my very very humble opinion, as i always feel that the previous City’s rear made the car looked rather bulky…

This is a really sporty looking City i would say, with 5 Speed Automatic Transmission, i am guessing that it should also come with Paddle shifters as well like the new Jazz.

One difference i noticed compared to the old City is that that the “Triangular mirror” was removed from the new City. This mirror is found near the side mirror, but now is removed.

Interior looks clean and uncluttered and i have always liked this kind of interior. In the picture you can see some buttons on the steering, so i may be guessing that you can control the volume of your player from the steering.

My Thai friend told me that this new City also comes with a new compartment where you can store your umbrellas conveniently. The compartment is located below the rear seats, so its really pretty handy.

I wonder how the City would look like if you would pack in a Modulo bodykit or something, i am sure it will look very sleek and sporty !

Wish that i could get my hands on this car, but i still have a few more years of loan repayment for my current “Wife”, oh well we shall see how things go…

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

5 Responses to “ New Honda City 2009 launched in Thailand ”

  1. Wow… it’s really cheap compare to Malaysia Honda City. 50k you can get one in Thailand, I hope we got the same price so Proton can sell for 20k haha.

  2. How i wished for that to happen too haha, but well the import duty here is so high….

    Imagine that the corolla altis is used as taxis in Thailand, i was so shocked during my first visit to Bangkok !

    If Proton sells for 20k, i think nobody dare to buy it ahhahaha

  3. I dont it is possible for the malaysian government to waive or reduce tax to imported car as it will affect sales of Proton. I own a 2005 Honday City i-Dsi and i wish i can afford to own this new city. Honda City is the most practical car ever built with every features are well located. Its good for everyday round the clock driving.

  4. I like it

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