Honda Accord 2008-Part2-Interior Impressions

I have always liked the interior of Honda cars, as the color blends pretty well and not contradicting.

The interior lines are smooth and the 2.0 litre variant comes with normal seats covered in fabric material.

The central console comes with a nice screen display for you to control your radio and temperature.

The Accord comes standard with a front load single disc and also a 6-disc changer for your listening needs. There is also USB connection possible for your players to the head unit. It is kept in the armrest compartment, if you see the pictures below.

I don’t remember properly if the previous Accord had the “Triangular” mirror, but in this
new Accord that area is replaced with what i believe is the tweeters.

There are also air-con vents for the rear passengers in this Accord.

Meter panels were kept very very simple, which i was pretty surprised that is was not digitized.

On the steering wheel you get the steering horn and also the possibility to control your radio volume and radio channel. The controls are located on the left section of the steering.

The most interesting feature that i found in this Accord’s interior is the ability for you to control separately the temperature of the air-con vents !!

This means that if the driver is hot, he can set his air-con vents to lower temperature, but if the passenger is cold, he can set his air-con vents to a higher temperature. I think its called a “Dual-Temperature” function, if you look at the below pictures.

See below thumbnails for more pictures :

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