New Ford Fiesta 2010 Malaysia and Price Brochure

I went to have a look at this newly launched baby from Ford; the Fiesta. On first impression, i have to say that this is really a very nice looking ride ! I only saw the Sport version which is as per the above picture.

I liked it even more when i saw the black version ! The headlights really look great, as you can see its really quite long compared to others, love that and it looks killer. There is not much chrome elements around the front of the car, which is why i like it.

The back also looks very nice, hatchback variant with a top spoiler. I like the little triangle mirror at the rear passenger window, pretty cool :p The rear looks like the Ford Focus’s rear imho.

Once inside, everything looks nice and i like Red displays around the dash area :p The engine is 1.6L capable of producing 120+hp and maximum torque of 152 Nm @ 4000 RPM.

The Stock Head unit is pretty impressive where there is built-in Bluetooth. We paired our phone on the spot and made some calls as well haha

I really like that display for the radio where the screen is huge and informative.

The Sports version comes with 6 speed automatic transmission with dual clutch. Thats quite a lot of gears for this baby, i am pretty sure the fuel consumption will be good, where they claimed 5.9l / 100km from this car !

Then you have the USB connectivity for audio and also headphone jack, perfect for listening to your music. The power outlet is actually the cigarette lighter thingy, i guess they don’t encourage smokers :p

Boot space is ample, i was tempted to jump into it haha :p

Finally this is the price for the Ford Fiesta Sport 1.6L Ti-VCT. For those who are interested, i’d say go for it ! I am not sure how many colors are available, but from the brochure it shows about 9; black, white, blue, gold, orange, silver…..

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