New 2012 Honda CR-V

It is not available for sale yet, but this will be the new 2012 Honda CR-V that will be for sale at the of the year. This will be the fourth generation Honda CR-V. Despite the added curves, changes with the headlamp, bigger grill, and body styling, it very much look like the conventional SUV. It looks great at thise concept picture with the slightly smoked headlamp, big nice rims, orange & black tone and black tinting. But the actual car would not be tinted as dark, especially in Malaysia whereby we have a law on the tint we could do on our vehicle.

Wonder when will this new Hond CR-V will arrive in Malaysia?

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4 Responses to “ New 2012 Honda CR-V ”

  1. just wonder when Malaysia will launching the new crv 2012.
    need to get a car b4 end 2011………………

  2. […] new Honda CR-V is said to be a concept model and it like our previously release picture of the new¬†2012 Honda CR-V. It is quite nice change adding the bolder front and more curves line which is trying to win back […]

  3. Wonder when Msia will launch the 2012 CRV,I have pastpone my order of CRV,just to wait for 2012 CRV,hope it will be on end of 2012

  4. Just wonder when will Maia launch the new crv2012

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