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I have actually saw them showcasing this new Naza Kia Forte over the weekend at Pavilion KL, Malaysia. Naza Kia Forte price in Malaysia is ranging from RM75,800 to RM93,800 (on the road price), which place it at the price of a Toyota Vios or a Honda City but Forte is in the same classification to a Civic or Altis. I am actually quite impress with the safety and the features available on this Forte.

The forte is equip with a Engine Start/Stop button & smart key, 4 ultrasonic RPAS sensors, Radio/CD/MP3 with USB iPod connectivity, Anti Lock Braking System (ABS), Dual Airbags, Active Head rest and power window. The SX models which are slightly more expensive is equip with Traction Control (SX models), 17″ Alloy Wheels (SX models), Conering Brake Control (CBC), Electronic Brake – Force Distrobution (EBD) and the highest model will include Side and Curtain Airbags. The safety of this car is simply over its price.

We have also a scan brochure and the price list of this new Naza Kia Forte. If you would like to know more before going to the Naza showroom, you can take at the scan brochures.

Naza Kia Forte will be price as follows:-

  • Naza Forte 2.0 DOHC CVVT SX – RM93,800.00
  • Naza Forte 1.6L DOHC CVVT SX – RM81,800.00
  • Naza Forte 1.6L DOHC CVVT EX – RM 75,800.00

Remember to also have a look at Kia Forte Koup which we have covered previously. This is a two door version of the Kia Forte, but it will not be likely for Naza to bring this Koup into Malaysia.

naza-kia-forte-malaysia-03 naza-kia-forte-malaysia-02  naza-kia-forte-malaysia-04


naza-kia-forte-07 naza-kia-forte-04 naza-kia-forte-05naza-kia-forte-06


 naza-kia-forte-price naza-kia-forte-price-02

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  3. Hello,

    im quite interested with naza forte.. My intention to buy that car this year.. Can u explain isnt that car good or not in terms of engine n how about the maintenace n sparepart

  4. what about service, spare part and maintenance?
    i heard from naza customers their technicians giving a lack of service usually on repairing those vehicles and change part to a local part

  5. i heard Kia car is consuming fuel energy. how much to spend for 1km on Forte??

  6. I heard the consumption in city driving is about 8-9L / 100km, so i think thats pretty good all round figures for cars in this segment.

    Generally in Malaysia i think this is the most affordable 2.0l car with on par specifications as other brands, its worth to test drive the car and try it out yourself 🙂

  7. for naza fote fuel consumption 1km=RM0.13
    full tank around RM80/550km-600km
    top speed for 1.6sx is 200km/h but v-power only if u use ron97 can get 190km/h
    handling absolutely perfect….
    interested find me at jalan pahang….

  8. or u can contact me at 0176626667

  9. if any of you from batu pahat johor,want to buy kia Forte,just call me at 0197497809..

  10. Interested for this beauty… any dealer at penang giving high discount?

  11. now we have forte 2.0sx with sun only.. Call me 0197497809

  12. I would like to purchase it, but after check with the showroom here, no any discount can be given. I would like to make an enquiry , any ppl can give me any discount can sms or call me at 0179222995. By the way, i would like to purchase forte 1.6 with full spec. Thanks.

  13. Hi nicholas,just for info,till now no discount for naza forte..coz the price of this car already below rm100k..naza already paid for duties.. Now forte have 5 years warranty (unlimited miliage) intrest bank can below 3.1%.. If u intrested plz call this no 0197007983..ok

  14. Here the salesman for KIA MOTORS at Batu Pahat (SUPREME PRIOROTY SDN BHD) sms or contact us..
    Mel- 019 7007983
    Nor Hajah Ahmad – 013 7936967
    Mok – 016 7352796
    Arshad – 016 7044046
    Thomas – 012 7709839
    Ben – 016 7799737

  15. if any of you want to buy forte u can call me..0167352796

  16. KIA forte is very sporty, beautiful just like honda civic. I have been driving Korean car for more than 4 years. In term of engine efficiency and optimization, Korea is still behind Japan. For example, new Japanese car can produce high torque at low rpm 1600-2000 rpm but Korea car need something like 4000++rpm to achieve max torque. This is something than Korean manufacturer still need to catch up with Japan car manufacturer. Korean car usually is fuel efficient for long distance driving but not urban driving (energy loss from engine to transmission system). I’m still searching graph of torque/hp vs rpm for KIA forte but couldn’t find it. I always considering this before making decision to purchase.

  17. we have ready stock for forte 2.0sx n 1.6sx..

  18. i love to get one ..but i heard the parts is quite it true?

  19. What is the interest rate for Kia Forte 1.6 SX?

  20. Dear valued customer .
    We launched(Kia seronto 2.4 litre..and..Kia forte kuop 2.0…new forte 1.6 now with 6-speed auto transmission)
    venue:supreme priority sdn bhd…no.2&3,lorong 1 jln zabedah,83000 ,batu pahat ,jb.
    DATE: 19/3/2011..20/3..
    TIME:11 AM TO 4 PM .

  21. I like this car very much. But heard from a fren saying that the engine got some problem. Anybody have any comment pertaining to this matter???

    I’m looking forward to buy one. Any representative is from KL, Cheras area??? I would like to enquire further about this car…Thank you so much

  22. I have booked mine. Getting it next week:) Spicy Red is not available unfortunately , so its Titanium Silver for me. U can go to the branch in Jalan 222, PJ.

  23. spicy red having a quality problem (paint) tis feedback from saleman

  24. can discount ?????forte 1.6sx ,in batu pahat

  25. Venice,

    There is a branch in Taman Maluri Cheras. You can look for 017-3388244 Niko Koh.

    I book Koup from her. Tell her Chong refer.

  26. Interested to buy..can trade in?

  27. hahahah…someone actually wrote a song about KIA Forte. Funny stuff.

  28. i wanna buy a forte today, just been told new batch have some problems, is this true?

  29. for KL and Selangor region..u all can book kia forte from me. Cal me 0102059201

  30. Like this car.
    sporty and look having a very strong body..

  31. very high fuel consumption!!!
    full tank rm90 .shell ron95 can run 330km

  32. wanted to buy one but then friends told me that the engines got problems, the spare part are expensive.. is it true?

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