Naza Kia Forte 6-Speed Price

We had quite some visitor looking for Naza Kia Forte 6-Speed Price, since I saw one from the Naza Kia road show at the mall, I decided to make a scan of the new Naza Kia Forte 6-Speed Price to be available for our reader.

The new Kia Forte 6-Speed will obviously include the new 6-speed automatic transmission, and on top of that there is also added Rear Parking Assist System with Camera and Paddle Shifter on the 1.6L SX and the 2.0 SX model with an additional RM4.000. While the Forte 1.6L EX will be priced an additional RM3,000.

The final price for private registration with Insurance is as follows:-

Forte 1.6L DOHC CVVT EX (A/T) – RM78,800
Forte 1.6L DOHC CVVT SX (A/T) – RM85,800
Forte 2.0L DOHC CVVT SX (A/T) – RM97,800

Naza Kia Forte 6-Speed – 1.6-liter model price list

Naza Kia Forte 6-Speed – 1.6-liter model price list

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