Mugen’s Honda CR-Z revealed

Mugen have released the newest CR-Z with a real menacing look. Just have a look at the spoiler, totally looks different than other standard spoilers.

So WHAT have Mugen done to the CR-Z ?

1.5L i-VTEC ENGINE + SUPER CHARGER 115kw (156ps) / 6,600rpm
185Nm / 5,200rpm

IMA SYSTEM 15kw (20ps) / 2,000rpm
78Nm / 1,000rpm)

Thats what they did to the CR-Z and what you will get is 6.1 Seconds on the century run, that is real impressive for a 1.5L engine.

Apart from the engine tune up, you will also get rims, cat back exhaust with titanium tips.

Now thats what i call real mean looking machine with the lips around the car and also LED DRLs at the front.

The most interesting addition to the interior would be the boost meter for the supercharger to monitor your boost.

Fantastic Honda !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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