More Honda Civic FD2 Type R Videos – Accelaration !

I found more of the Honda Civic FD2 Type R Videos and would like to share with you guys, i think i am so obsessed with this baby :p

First is the video below on the Type R cruising and accelerating on the road.. I wonder how this guy managed to tape it while driving at 170 km/h, really salute him !!!

Next up is you have to 0-100 km/h acceleration. I had to replay the video a few times just to see whether my eyes was playing tricks on me, as it was like just a breeze ! I dont even have time to exhale and its already at 100 km/h !!!

Finally is this Dyno test video, i think it should be from overseas from some European countries i think. They are revving the Type R till cross the red line !

Just tell me something, is this really true ? OMGGGGGGGG !!!

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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