Mitsubishi with new MIVEC Engine !

Here is some news for the Mitsubishi fans out there, they have developed a new MIVEC engine for use in Outlander Sport, Lancer and also Lancer sportback.

The new engine codenamed 4J10 sports a 1.8L 16 valve SOHC engine capable of producing around 140 hp and 172Nm of torque @ 4,200 rpm. These figures are comparable to the current 4B10 engines.

The new MIVEC tech will continuously regulate the intake valve lifts and timing.

Interestingly, the 4J10 will also feature a new tech called the “Auto Stop & go” system where it will automatically shut off the engine when the car is stopped. They claim that this will increase fuel efficiency by 12%, but i was wondering how this is achieved when they say that start stops are the one that is causing high fuel consumption.

Then they mentioned that the new system will make the engine restart using less air intake and fuel by having a low valve lift during restarts.

So this is like the hybrid cars, where the engine shuts down when idling and fires up again when moving, interesting !

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