Mitsubishi Triton TMR Concept

I have always like the design of Mitsubishi compact pickup truck. Mitsubishi Triton actually originated in Malaysia as Mitsubishi Storm. Triton always have this tough and powerful design that attracts a lot of truck buyers. The TMR Triton is a concept vehicle which closely represents a production reality.

This concept model will be using 3.2 litre common rail turbo diesel engine that provides an impressive 132kW @ 3,800rpm and torque to a phenomenal 450Nm @ 2,000rmp. This is an increase from the current model. Fitted with Koni 8240 series shock absorbers at the front and back to provide the comfort needed for your weekend out of the town.

Mitsubishi Triton uses Super Select 4WD system that enable the driver to choose from 2WD, full time 4WD or 4WD high / low range.

The best of all is the interior that uses leather seat with TMR logo stiched on each 4 seats and the stainless steel scuff plates and full carpet mat set in the interior of this Mitsubishi Triton TMR Concept Pickup Truck.

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  1. ***********PROBLEMS TRITON*****************

    father in-law has a 08 triton glx-r model and s many problems and the car has clocked 40,000 km on it

    1. accelerator sensor stuffed up = new sensor + wiring
    2. knock in motor = replaced motor
    3. oil leak X3 gearbox = new gaskets
    4. oil leak gearbox 4th time = new gearbox after making sounds over 80km/h
    5. very little ground clearance 205mm therefor drive shaft some how bent = replaced
    6.turbo shut off motor wont start =still in mitsubishi service

    i will not get a triton iam getting a Isuzu D-MAX LS-M for $38,000 have a look for your self its worth it just type dmax in google

  2. mark: wow..that sounds bad…d max are great

  3. This is the type of cars I like most of all. Really this Mitsubishi is large and have strong face.

  4. hi mark, may i know end up did the mitstubishi company solve your problem satisfyly? how is your dmax 3.0? is there any problem? how is the service centre ok? im from malaysia penang. kinldy advice, i was deciding which one to buy, in terms of comfort and bumpy and also the maintainace, and petrol consumption, i do not go off road, only on city drive. thanks for your help, any one can advice this. thx so much! Joe

  5. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and there are a lot of Tritons here and plan to buy a 2008 3.2 Triton 4×4 Automatic and you guys have scared me. I Test drove it and it worked and sounded fine. Hope I am not making a bad decision

  6. tengo una misubishi triton 2007 y me salío muy bien y ahora quiero cambiar por un modelo más nuevo , preferentemente a uno igual a la de la foto de color negro y más equipado. mi nombre es:Luis Guillén , Tel: 0520202853 o al mi movil 0971103379..

  7. hi im back well he just smashed his transfer case lever coz its mounted to low and a branch smashed it up its $500AUD for a new 1 well still saving for my dmax coz i don’t like loans lol and um buy wat you want maybe sell after warranty end

  8. I am thinking of buying a triton….. or a pick-up truck.

    Can anyone help advise.

    I do not use much off road….. actually never had a 4X4. mainly to commute to work from Damansara to Rawang….

    and sometimes to go into jungle for camping.

  9. Hi all,
    I wanna ask your opinion on Toyota Hilux.. It is wotrh of buying a D-Max or Hilux?

  10. i intended to get myself a truck. which one is better?i will make it as my daily driving in the city, sometimes go offroad during weekends….

    Auto or Manual?
    which one offer the best of fuel economy and durability?

  11. That’s a pretty tough question there Jazz, i’d say you narrow down your requirements and then go for a test drive to find out which car gives u the best feeling 🙂

  12. Pick-up Truck comparison. 3.0/3.2 4×4 M/T only
    (Exception: Navara 2.5 4×4 M/T)

    1st: Nissan Navara
    2nd: Toyota Hilux
    3rd: Ford Ranger
    4th: Mitsubishi Stada/Triton/Storm
    5th: Isuzu DMAX

    1st: Nissan Navara
    2nd: Ford Ranger
    3rd: Toyota Hilux
    4th: Mitsubishi Stada/Triton/Storm
    5th: Isuzu DMAX

    1st: Nissan Navara
    2nd: Mitsubishi Stada/Triton/Storm
    3rd: Toyota Hilux
    4th: Isuzu DMAX
    5th: Ford Ranger

    1st: Isuzu DMAX
    2nd: Mitsubishi Stada/Triton/Storm
    3rd: Toyota Hilux
    4th: Ford Ranger
    5th: Nissan Navara

    1st: Nissan Navara
    2nd: Mitsubishi Stada/Triton/Storm
    3rd: Isuzu DMAX
    4th: Ford Ranger
    5th: Toyota Hilux

    1st: Nissan Navara 6 speed transmission/Shift-On-The-Fly
    The Rest: 5 speed

    All pick-up trucks have their own downside and imperfections. When it comes to maintenance, you can still experience what happened to that Triton owner ONLY IF your not following its scheduled maintenance OR if you drove your truck LIKE a DAKAR RALLY driver. Take note that your pick-up truck doesn’t have that aftermarket prototype suspension system or some engine modifications that can take all the beatings of rough driving. I’ve heard all the BLAH BLAH BLAHS and CURSE CURSE CURSES of every pick-up truck brands so its up to the owner how to take good care of his truck.

    So choose your truck wisely, take good care of it, and enjoy your rock crawling and mudswimming weekend! =)

    For your safety, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBEAT!

    Truly yours,

  13. Hi Codyshann,

    Appreciate your feedback on this topic ! This is a very good comparison for fellow-to-be-owners of a truck 🙂

  14. you guys have scared me about triton, im already booking it

  15. Triton 2009(A) Full spec for sale: RM 75000.

    Email me if your interested at [email protected]

  16. Very appreciate CodyShann’s advice and comparison. That was awesome and help me alot. THX ~~ =)

  17. Hilux-exremely large cargo, tough work, offroad
    triton-handling,long distance, offroad, city pickup

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