Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 a.k.a. The Dark Storm – Part 1 – The Search and Grab


This is apparently the last Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT Black that is available in Malaysia, note that this is the last batch before the facelift. And now, i am the proud owner of this wonderful ride ! I think this car needs no introduction to you guys already since its been around quite some time :p


It was a really interesting and intense journey in getting this new baby for me, as it wasn’t like “Pay and Go” kind of thing :p

Initially i was thinking to get this car around end of the year, until suddenly there was a facelift for the GT ! So i went to the showroom to check out how the new GT looks like…. and i really don’t like the front bumper..

So i called up my friend to check out the last batch and found it in Temerloh, Pahang ! Quickly request to book it already !


The pictures in this post were taken when i was at Termerloh collecting my new ride, haha i had to drive all the way there just to collect it ! 2 of my friends were with me that day and we just brought the road tax there, get the car number plate and stick it on and after lunch i was on the way back to KL driving my new baby !


The funniest part is during buying the car number, it was like stock market, continuously calling the runner, “Eh what number now ?”, “WHAT ?? that one also got people buy already ah ??” “Ok OK take that one don’t care already !!!”

Also i found a very useful link for you guys in Malaysia in case you want to know what is the latest running number :


I was also inspecting the car when taking these photos using some checklist that they have provided me…

More will be posted later on…….

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