Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 a.k.a. The Dark Storm – Part 2 – The 3rd Modification

Next up is in the Electrical department, where i was poisoned by my colleague’s brother, to install this Grounding and Alternator charger kit. Initially i just wanted to get the Pivot Mega Raizin voltage stabilizer from him, but this came into the picture when i was installing the stabilizer :p

You can now see light blue thick wires running around the engine compartment, where this kit is used for grounding and additionally one more cable to provide better charging of the battery pack from the alternator.

Next up is the Pivot Mega Raizin, where this is the latest voltage stabilizer from Pivot.

The neat part about this VS is that it shows the voltage of your battery when you start the car, the peak and lowest voltage is shown.

In the pictures my peak is 14.5V and lowest is 7.1V. I am yet to really find out what it means :p

If you ask me, what is the difference before and after installing this, i can only say, there is a bit less throttle lag at the lower revs, thats all that i can feel different :p

Additionally it should also help you save fuel, as the electronics in the car are stable and provides better combustion, but i think my right foot have gotten heavier due this this modification :p

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  1. That’s my dream machine! The Dark Storm rocks!

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