Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Cop Car in Malaysia

I just heard this from my brother that the Malaysian Police have bought 25 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions worth a few million ringgit to be police cars.

I was like, “Wah, sure or not oh ????” So i went to The Star website to search for it and indeed its a published article on it !!! you can see the link below :

This article was published on 7th December 2008, so this means that by now the Evos might already have been registered and on the road already.

I really wonder which version of the Evolution that they bought.

But frankly speaking, with the current economy situation, it will not look very good for the government even though they are doing it for the sake of reducing crime, i’d say its wrong timing….. but oh well…

So the next time if you are speeding on the highway and when u look at the rear mirror, there is an Evolution chasing after you, be careful, it might be police !

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