Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT

I have always loved Mitsubishis even since high school. I should say thanks to Jackie Chan, a Hong Kong Actor for introducing me to this beauty. As you can see, Mitsubishi endorses Jackie Chan so you can see a lot of them in his movies. The Mitsu that made me fell in Love was in the Film “Who Am I ?” by Jackie Chan.
In that movie, the latest (At that time 1997) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4 was used to make some really really cool stunts. I loved the Evo4, even until today 🙂
The Latest Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0GT caught Malaysians by storm, i still remember the time when i went to the Mistu Showroom. There was so many people at the showroom that day, that it was quite hard to actually see the car just alone :p
The showroom car was the one red in color, it really looks striking ! Frankly speaking, i went to the showroom 4 times in that month, each time with different colleagues and friends, for a moment i thought i was like some Mitsu Salesperson :p
I managed to get some pictures of this new Lancer GT from my friend’s friend. His Lancer GT is black in color with some minor modifications already done.
This baby comes with a 2.0L MIVEC engine, capable of coming out with about 150 HP, in my opinion is really more than enough on Malaysian roads for normal driving.
If you take a closer look, this baby’s front have already been changed and now the number plate is at the side, ala EVO X Style 🙂
Just take a look at those “eyes”, oh my goodness its so mesmerizing. Imagine when it lights up at night, too beautiful to be true !
This batch comes with 6-Speed Automatic CVT Transmission with Paddle shifters ! Take a look at the meter cluster, its really neat and nice, i just love the illumination which is red in color !
I was told from my friend that the Fuel consumption was like RM 125 for 530 KM, which translates to about 23 cents per Kilometer. (RM 2.45 per Litre)
That is a pretty amazing figure, from a car which produces that much power ! The MIVEC really does wonders :p
I was told that the fuel tank holds about 50 litres of fuel, so for long distance journey its very very okay with that kind of consumption.
Another interesting part is it also comes with bodykit, spoiler and 18″ alloy rims, woooooo Big wheeelllsss !

Usually cars are fitted with speed cuts, so this baby can do like 200 km/h @ 6000 RPM before cutting.

In short, i’d say this is really really on my “Want” list, provided i have ~115K to spare :p Seriously, i would really love and love to have one 🙂

p/s : I think his friend is gonna put in more goodies into this baby, i will post more when i have further information 🙂

Take a look at the previous post on the bigger brother, the EVO X under below link :

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7 Responses to “ Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT ”

  1. hey just got the same car in red, where did u get the number plate thing for the side done?

  2. Hi Avi, actually this is my colleague’s friend’s car, so i am not too sure where he got it front.

    He changed the front bumper to the Evo X type, which is why the number plate now is on the left hand side.

  3. Yep, beautiful car. I fell in love the first time I saw it on the road.. Make me has the urge to ‘own’ it.

    Now I’m the owner of a Black GT. Very good car. No regrets getting it… I’m still in love with it.

  4. Really nice car ! I’m planning to buy the black lancer GT 2010 this winter… I just can’t wait to get it ! Does any people had problems with your Lancer ?

    Thanks !

  5. Daniel : You will not regret getting it ! Proud owner of a Black GT here :p

  6. Hi guys I don know whether u guys can read my msg… I would like to ask about a lancer 07 selling at 85-84k.
    Is that worth with money? It’s all cbu n nice interior… Just the leather seat horn got some crack but they say can b fix… Plz share me ur advise n don mind to email me…

  7. you should shop around a few car dealers to find out whether the range of pricing is ok. And you need to drive it around as well to see whether u like it or not. Also check out newspaper and car classified magazines to get a feeling of what is the current market price. Service record also should check whether it was done periodically. Happy hunting !

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