Mitsubishi i MiEV – The Electric Car


This is Mitsubishi’s answer to the Electric segment. Its now on display at the 79th Geneva International Motor Show which starts from March 5 till March 15 2009.

Mitsu’s tagline on this kind of tech is “Drive @ Earth”

It looks very very futuristic, sometimes i really can’t imagine when all these “futuristic” cars will be on the road, its like watching some sci-fi movie, only to find that its real !

The i MiEV features 4 innovations :


While applying new technology, it still is practical where now the conventional engine, fuel tank and gearbox is replaced with electric motor, inverter and batteries.


Then it features use of high density lithium ion batteries that can let you drive up to 160km on a single charge.


The most interesting is the torque curve, where this electric motor is actually able to deliver 180Nm !! For your reference the current Civic 2.0 delivers like 188 Nm @ 4,500 RPM !!!!!


How to charge the car ? Simply plug it into your household power socket and it will charge !!!!


Frankly speaking, i am really quite dumbfounded by this i MiEV, i mean, if this really comes, then in the future we will not be heading to petrol pumps, rather going to friend’s house to charge car battery ! I think next time at your working place you will have chargers at the car park so you can charge your car when you go to work…Imagine that….


Looking at the interior and you will definitely tell yourself, “is this some kind of space car that i am riding on ?” Simple meter clusters displaying just about adequate information for you to get from point A to point B.


Above are the specifications.

I really wonder how near in the future that this will be happening…….

image image

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