Mitsubishi Driving Spirit Event Malaysia

Last week i received an invitation from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia to participate in this even that they organized, Driving Spirit course specially for Mistubishi owners only. I tried signing up but only first 100 was chosen, but i still went there anyway to support the event :p

There are 3 courses for participants to test the car, for ABS(antilock brake), ASC(Active stability) and one without ABS.

Participants were given the opportunity to drive the new Mitsubishi ASX and also the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, which both also i not able to test as it was raining 🙁

Also in this event there were a lot of games like driving simulation, pool, foosball and food food drinks chendol 🙂

Anyway, before the rain, the best highlight for me is to be able to sit in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, driven by Masuoka-san, a famous dakar rally driver from Japan !

It was a very very speechless experience, not only i got to sit in an EvoX, Masuoka-san was practically flooring the pedal and pulling handbrake when we were going through the course at the car park ! Watch below video and you will know what i mean. Though it was just a short ride, it really tells you clearly what the Evolution X is really made of; Power and Control !

Below is the video for your reference on how the Evolution X pounced the Car Park ! This participant looked like he want to throw up after the ride ! You can watch this in HD for better picture :p

Overall i am impressed that Mitsubishi Motors held this event for the owners as a token of appreciation for our support to them 🙂

Below are more photos from the event, enjoy !

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  1. wah sai..u are sitting in it arr….

  2. oh yeah man it was one helluva experience !

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