Mistubishi Lancer GT 2011

Here is the new Mitsubishi Lancer GT that will be available in Malaysia.

To be honest with you, i stared at this picture for quite some time, can’t really see any big difference at the front, but it feels like the headlights have gotten a little smaller, or my eyes are playing tricks on me :p

The only thing that is new is in the interior department, where you have a new meter cluster which i like really really much ! Then there is also the automatic foldable side mirrors.

Next up is a 2DIN Kenwood player in the centre console, pretty similar to the EX version of the Lancer.

Also you will get an automatic rain sensing wiper.

I’d say the selling point for this car now is the very nice meter cluster, as there are a few colors that will be displayed, compared to the previous batches of Lancer.

My opinion would be that they are loading accessories into the car and repackage it to sell. There are really no difference on the exterior side.

And the OTR Price is about RM 125,980, a little more expensive than previous, but they have placed in a lot of accessories for the price difference, so its still ok 🙂

Here is a quick video on how the meter cluster should look like, its so awesome !

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