Mini Audi TT Replica @ £2750.00 (currently)


Not sure what chasis is used by this Mini Audi TT Replica, but the back look pretty stunning and I think a lot of work is put into this little car. Number plate is pretty cool too.

It is currently located in Somerset, United Kingdom. You can bid it at eBay, currently priced at only £2750.00, not bad for a piece of art.

mini-audi-tt-replica-3 mini-audi-tt-replica-5


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3 Responses to “ Mini Audi TT Replica @ £2750.00 (currently) ”

  1. looks a bit like a toy tho. :S

  2. yup…it is a mini replica…and it moves…

  3. it is awesome if it’s for gils…

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