Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Black Bison Edition



Rarely you would have a aftermarket tuning company come out with a sporty looking kit for a MPV. But Wald International have did a fantastic body kit, new fog  ghts, front fenders, sport exhaust system and also the black multi-spoke Wald wheels.

Named Black Bison, the Mercedes Benz R Class has been transformed into a sporty looking family car.


Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-3 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-4 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-5

Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-6 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-7  Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-2

Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-11 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-12 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-13

Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-14 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-15 Wald-Mercedes-R-Class-1

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