Mazda 2 Launched in Malaysia !


This is the newest kid on the block for the 1.5 segment in Malaysia ! Take it as a “softer” Mazda 3 :p


I went to Naza TTDI to check out this new baby during lunch a few days ago and i was pretty impressed with the exterior look of this car !

There are 2 variants available here, the sedan and the hatchback which will be shown later.

Both are powered by a 1.5L 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve engine capable of 102hp @ 6,000 RPM and a good 135 Nm Torque. A 4-speed gearbox is used in the Mazda 2.



This is a quick comparison picture between the Mazda 2 and 3, where the 2 is reduced of the feeling of “menace”.

The interior looks just great for this segment.


On first look at the rear i feel that it looks pretty high, where the gap between the tires and fender are quite big, would prefer it when its a little lower. The rear looks really big, with ample boot space for you to carry a lot of things.

The sedan comes with Normal tuned suspension setup.

For the sedan there are 2 variants, the V-Spec and the R-Spec. The difference that we can see :

-the inclusion of front Foglamp

-16” wheels instead of 15”

-Front grille is same as body color (The V-Spec grille is black color)

Prices on the road for :

Spec V – RM 79,859.50

Spec R – RM 82,937.50


Then comes the Hatchback variant, with the same engine from the sedan.


The hatchback comes with a Sports Tuned suspension system for those who wants more spirited driving out of the Mazda 2. But bear in mind it will be a little more bumpier ride as compared to the sedan, which is perfectly normal 🙂

Also it comes in 2 variants V-Spec and R-Spec that contains the same differences as the sedan.

Here is the on the road pricing :

V-Spec : RM 82,111.50

R-Spec : RM 85,799.90


The interesting part is you pay this kind of price for a CBU car imported from Thailand. I am pretty sure this will bring threat to the likes of Toyota Vios and the Honda City which is within the same range.

Additionally what i heard from the Sales personnel is that the Mazda 2 is assembled by robotic arms (I am not sure about the other manufacturers whether they are also using this) so the quality of the car is good.

And also the Mazdas come with a safety feature called something like “Engine drop-off”, where during a bad collision the engine will dismount in order to avoid crushing the lower part of the passenger and driver.

In my opinion this is really a good buy for this segment.

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

5 Responses to “ Mazda 2 Launched in Malaysia ! ”

  1. It seems to be pretty.. beautiful.. It surely rolls out the market.

  2. buying a new car in malaysia is such a sin. nothing comes below rm50k, and specs are just SHIT

  3. agree with you jatt80!

  4. we do understand as all of us is in this boat. But govt does not understand that and we are expecting the rise of the petrol price in Malaysia very soon.

  5. Mazda 2 will be a new entry-level car in the next generation lineup of Mazda, featuring goodness of a cool 4-door hatchback at a modest price.

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