Malaysia Fuel Price

Malaysia fuel price will be set to go down again tonight due to low crude oil price falling into a all time low in this four years. This would be a great news as our economy seems to be going parallel with the fuel prices, at least there is some cushioning. Tomorrow you will be pumping at a reduction of RM0.10/litre.

RON97 will be priced at RM1.80/litre, RON92 will be priced at RM1.70/litre and Diesel will also be paying RM1.70/litre.

Despite the all time low prices in four years but this is definitely not the fuel price that we were paying in the four years ago. Hopefully every other expenses like food, clothes, entertainment and other will reduce their price to encourage economic growth. Anyhow, it is still a great news.

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  1. Haha ironic isn’t it, that when the fuel price goes down, i don’t really hear people talking about it, but when the fuel price is going up, the whole Malaysia shakes, everyone talks about it and there will be traffic jam everywhere at every single petrol kiosk :p

  2. Yes let us all hope that street prices will come down. I think the price of street /hawker food has really shot up in the last 12 months all mainly due to the price increase of petrol. What about now?

    The Malaysian Explorer

  3. Oni: typical malaysian lor…but it is because it drop so slowly when the barrel price is only 1/3 of the highest peak price this year.

    malaysian explorer: yup…we all would really hope so

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