Malaysia and USA Transportation Cost

Do note that, I am only comparing the cost of owning a car and also petrol price as the transportation cost. I am taking an example of a 2011 Honda Accord as a general example. The point I am trying to show is that we, Malaysian are actually paying a higher transportation cost compare to countries like United States even though their petrol price are much higher.

In short, my calculation include the price of 2011 Honda Accord a EX-L 2.4-liter model in US and 2.4-liter model in Malaysia. For petrol price, I have obtain online from Los Angeles Gas Prices at mid range (highest price) compare to our Ron95.

From my average of RM4000/year on petrol which is around 20,000 on my Honda Accord for a year. I calculated that even after 10 years of high petrol price at USD5.19/Gallon (around RM 4.14/liter) and Malaysia Petrol price of RM1.90/liter, it is still cheaper by RM46K to own a car in United States.

We did not even take into consideration the amount of loan and insurance that we will need to cover due to the higher cost of car price. Also I believe we have a higher cost from tolls in Malaysia. Not even considering that Malaysia is a country exporting oil. Of course, if you travel more, the difference would be less, at my calculation, the break even point is about RM8000/year spent on petrol.

Therefore, it is weird that we a undeveloped nation but we are bearing a higher burden on the citizen who needs to travel as transportation provides us a means of earning.

Enclosed here is a excel sheet I used. Feel free to give your opinion.
[Download DailyTorque Transportation Cost Comparison]

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