Lotus Exige Cup 260

Lotus Cars came out with Lotus Exige since 2000, although it is never seen on Malaysia road, Lotus Exige is basically a redesigned body of Lotus Elise to provide additional downforce (100 lb at 100 mph). This car is mainly designed to be used on race circuit.

The new Lotus Exinge Cup 260 is powered by a supercharged, intercooled four-cylinder that produces 257hp (260 PS) at 8000 rpm. Although having the same horsepower as its previous model, this new 2008 lotus exinge cup 260 will be 38kg lighter than its previous model.

The 2009 Lotus Exige Cup 260 is given a price tag of £45,995 in UK.

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6 Responses to “ Lotus Exige Cup 260 ”

  1. That is a nice car. Since Proton already own it. Why ain’t this car in M’sia.

  2. fooi: .Proton holds large share…but if it is not profitable to send the car into malaysia then they won’t do that i guess

  3. Who says it’s not coming to Malaysia…

  4. are they?

  5. New Lotuses have been coming to our shores CBU from UK in 2008 and now 2009. Starting prices from RM240k for Elise S. All Lotuses are available as they are shipped in as ordered. Visit the forum for more info 😉

  6. ahh…thanks for the update

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