Lotus Evora Type 124


Proton owned British Automaker, Lotus have previously launch this new Lotus Evora mid of last year. Base on the previously launch award winning street car, Lotus has came out with this Lotus Evora Type 124 for the ADAC Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race. This will be a great test for the new Evora’s performance, reliability and efficienct and durability.

Since this is a tailored made car for the endurance race, it will be fitted with a race-tunned version of the Toyota V6 engine that is capable of producing over 400 hp. The Lotus Evora Type 124 will include a six speed sequential paddle shift racing gearbox and a FIA-compliant 120-litre ATL fuel system.

The weight of the car will also be drastically reduced depending on the race regulation, the car weight will be expected to be less than 1200kg with the help of carbon fibre wing, carbon fibre front panel, pessenger seat removal, and super-stiff extruded and bonded aluminium chassis


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