Lexus RX300

This is the Lexus RX300 where the owner of this ride is a good friend of mine. Initially i was always confused with the RX300 and the Harrier model, so i am always not sure how should i address this car as :p


If you put the same Toyota Harrier and this Lexus side by side, i think the only subtle difference that you can notice will be the emblem. The Lexus sports the symbolic “L” while the harrier sports an “eagle-like” logo.

This model comes with a 3.0L V6 engine, which churns about 210 HP. Automatic transmission with semi-auto gear shifting is also possible.

The first time when i took a ride on this car, i felt so “high” when i sat in it ! when i look out the window, the other sedan seems so small, as i was like looking at them from above !

This is reconditioned model which he bought i think around 2004 if i remember correctly. not really sure how much he bought it for, i think it was around RM 120K..

The ride was so quiet, even when we were cruising at like 160 km/h. it was so quiet that i didn’t even know we were cruising at that kind of speed already !

At the rear seat you can see a Liverpool sticker, which shows that my friend is a huge Liverpool fan 🙂

Pickup was very good judging from the size of this SUV, able to pull very quickly to 100 km/h in my opinion. Even when i revv the engine, it doesn’t sound loud at all !

Of course with such great ride comfort, the consumption of this car rather high with a huge engine. I remember that there was once we went down to Penang from KL. We filled up to Full and started the journey. After we cross the Penang Bridge, already the Low Fuel Warning indicator came up ! I think the fuel tank capacity is about 50L i think, so imagine travelling about 300+ KM and use up 50 litres of fuel… you do the math :p But i personally think its well worth it, with that amount of comfort and stability !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

3 Responses to “ Lexus RX300 ”

  1. The Liverpool sign makes the car ugly.

  2. Haha no offense but i just put the picture up out of mischief, hope my friend doesn’t mind and i also hope the rest of the readers don’t mind :p

  3. Your friend’s ride is really a Toyota Harrier, and not a Lexus RX. Tell-tale sign? The left side auxilarry mirror! Only JDM Harriers have these- the Lexus for international markets don’t have the mirror.

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