Lexus IS250C Launched in Japan !


This sexy convertible adds to the lineup of the “intelligent sports series”, which is the IS series.

Under the hood is a 2.5L V6 engine capable of producing 205 BHP mated to six-speed automatic transmission.

I have always liked the IS series, due to the classy looks but with very good performance figures. Even the version that is not convertible is also very very appealing to me 🙂


The 3-part roof mechanism opens up at a very impressive time of 20 seconds, amazing ! Also the roof is made entirely of aluminum.


Tail lights are all LED and there is also a high mounted LED brake light mated together onto the boot lip spoiler.


Oh i feel so classy when i saw the interior design of this convertible, but i’ll have to say that its gonna be pretty hard to maintain, as the cream white material gets dirty very easily !

At the boot you can also safely place a nine inch golf bag even with the top down, pretty ample boot space i’d say !


The rear seems to look very roomy, i think i can fit in just nicely :p

A lot might say that its really not a good idea to own a convertible in Malaysia, given that the weather is so hot, but oh well, if you have it as a weekend car or 3rd,4th,5th car, why not ? :p

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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