Lexus IS is released !

Here you are, the Lexus IS pictures are revealed ahead of the Detroit Motor show, where it will make its public appearance.

I think its the like it or hate it kind of thing, with the front LF-CC concept grille, where some might say that the grille and the logo looks a tad too big to their liking, or some would say its great as its a completely new look to the IS.

For me i really like the sporty rear, with the twin exhaust setup and really nice rear lights !

So if you see from the side view of the car, you will definitely feel that this car feels like its gonna cut through wind with minimal effort ! And you can see that the car feels like its slanted forward just like a thoroughbred sports car.

I am completely awed by the interior, it looks simple and not cluttered up with too many buttons and switches around. Definitely a very nice space to be in !

Lets see if the real car will really sweep us off our feet !

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The sound coming from an engine revving to its limits is really music to my ears !

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