Lexus IS 250C and IS 350C gets F-Sport Makeover

Lexus HS250h 2010

Lexus have just released their 2010 Model of this Lexus IS 250C and a more powerful IS350C this month in United States and F-Sport have already come up with a new makeover package for this two great hardtop convertible models of Lexus IS. This is the very first time the IS model comes with only 2 doors and also the first time it comes with a hardtop convertible.

The F-Sport package will provide the following add-on to your new Lexus IS C model:-

  • F-Sport 19″ Forged Alloy Wheels
  • F-Sport Front Brake Upgrade
  • F-Sport Rear Brake Upgrade
  • F-Sport Continuous Carbon CeramicTM Brake Upgrade
  • F-Sport Exhaust System
  • F-Sport Lowering Spring Set
  • F-Sport Sway Bar Set
  • F-Sport Bilstein Shock Absorber Set
  • F-Sport Clutch
  • F-Sport Quick Shifter
  • F-Sport Rear Chassis Member Brace
  • F-Sport Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • F-Sport Air Intake
  • Lexus Genuine Accessory Ground Effects Kit
  • Lexus Genuine Accessory Rear Spoiler

Lexus HS250h 2010 Lexus HS250h 2010 Lexus HS250h 2010

Lexus HS250h 2010 Lexus HS250h 2010  lexus-is350c-fsport-07

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